About Us

My name is Jason Shon Bennett and I am a health researcher, health coach, best-selling author and international speaker.

Sick and on daily medication for over 25 years, I found a way to rebuild my body and totally cure myself through changing my diet and lifestyle. I have now been free of illness and off all medication for over 25 years.

Learn my story.

We teach people all over the world how to eat well, get well, stay well and have exceptional health. I have distilled my life’s research, life experience and ‘walking the talk’ into life-changing, health and wellness programmes designed to support you in achieving optimum health. In addition to our personalised education method my best-selling books support you to transform your health and your life.Tracey & Jason Team
We are a New Zealand owned and operated business.

  • Our Aim


    To educate and support our global community to achieve optimum health and wellness.

  • Happy Members

    I followed your great advice about feeling sluggish and other suggestions, and have felt great since and also dropped 25kgs! A huge change of life! Keep up the great work.

    Joan ScottAuckland
  • Operating in 14 countries

    We are transforming the health of members in New Zealand, Australia, USA, England, Canada, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Sweden, Germany, Bali, France, Ireland, Switzerland & Singapore.


      To educate, motivate and inspire change that will transform the health, vitality and longevity of people all over the world.


      We are no longer needed because through our inspiration and teaching; exceptional health has become the norm.


      We are warm, bold, passionate, fun, honest, supportive, personal, self-expressed, inspiring, balanced, transparent, empowering, all-inclusive, knowledgeable, people-focussed, innovators, consistent, positive leaders
      – and exceptionally human!

    • VALUES

      We work hard and with great passion. We treat all people – and each other – with respect and tolerance. We act ethically and appropriately at all times. We tell the truth while taking a bold stand for a healthy humanity. We are on time, reliable and responsible, and we are always up for the game.
      Most of all, we love making a difference and helping all people to get well and stay well.

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