Meet The Exceptional Health Team

  • We are a passionate team who love making a difference to the health and wellbeing of people all over the world.


    Our mission is to support you to get well and stay well.


  • At the Exceptional Health Company we teach people all over the world how to eat well, get well, stay well and have exceptional health. Our team offers comprehensive support in your journey to optimum wellness.  Our vision is to empower you to be the exceptional human that you are and we have been doing just that, for people all over the world, since 2011.
    With love and care we educate, motivate and inspire you to effectively and safely transform your body and mind. We truly believe in your ability to alter the course of your health and your life.
    Join us in commitment to your health and wellbeing and you will receive professional and respectful, comprehensive support from our dedicated organisation.   Together we can transform your health, your life and the world.

Meet Our Team

  • Jason1

    Jason Shon Bennett

    Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Health Researcher & Co-Director at The Exceptional Health Company

    I completely love what I do – helping people to exceptional health IS A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME.  The testimonials, feedback and health transformations that happen with our members are profound, life-changing and incredibly satisfying.  I am passionate about helping people back to exceptional health and keeping them there!

    Jason Shon Bennett – best-selling author of Eat Less, Live Long and the brand new ‘instant classic’ My 20 GOLDEN Rules™ – is a self-cured international health researcher and speaker who inspires and educates people all over the world. He is the creator of Regular Intelligent Fasting®, plus the three life-changing health mentoring programmes offered by The Exceptional Health Company™ – My 20 GOLDEN Weeks™, thelifeplan® and mylifecommunity™. Jason is married to Tracey and father to four children currently aged 11, 14, 23 and 26 … and a grandfather to one!


    Jules Recordon

    Head Naturopath & Nutritionist

    I love being in a role where I can help with teaching others to live to their full, healthy potential. Empowering people to take charge of their own wellbeing, providing them with the tools, education and understanding of how their body works and sharing in their life-changing transformation, couldn’t be more rewarding for me.

    Jules was interested in the field of medicine from a young age and with a French mum and Kiwi dad, she spent her childhood between the two countries; soaking up learning from her travels. Her passion for learning and life culminated in a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedicine at Victoria University. From studies to discoveries, Jules travelled to Japan to explore traditional medicine.  She returned home to New Zealand, completed a full Degree of Naturopathy at Wellpark College and gained Diplomas in Nutrition and Massage Therapy.  Jules shares her wisdom, love and guidance with all she meets and we are lucky enough to have her as The Exceptional Health Company’s lead Naturopath.

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  • Traccey T

    Tracy Bennett

    Wholefood Chef & Co-Director at The Exceptional Health Company

    Food, glorious food. Don’t you just love it?!  I certainly do. I want to feel fantastic and do the best for my body but I’m not willing to give up my favourite foods to do that!  I have discovered the key to creating exceptional plant-based meals that will bring health, vitality and longevity and taste sensational and I would love share my recipes with you!

    Tracey is a self-educated Wholefood Chef who is passionate about creating, enjoying and sharing delicious, nourishing food with others.  As a busy Mother and Co-Director of The Exceptional Health Company, Tracey knows just how important it is to create simple foods that taste fantastic.  Tracey has designed an  incredible selection of scrumptious and simple meals, snacks, smoothies and desserts to support you to eat well and get well.


    Nicky Utting

    Executive Assistant

    I am passionate about keeping fit and healthy, and am particularly interested in children’s health and preventing and reversing pre-diabetes and type 2. I have two girls and I know how tough it can be to feed them well and not be made to feel like a freak! I love helping people discover and understand the connection between food and their own health and when people get that connection, the outcomes are pure gold.

    Nicky graduated from Rhodes University in South Africa with a Bachelor in Social Science, with a psychology major. She has spent 20 years in the health industry and has worked closely with Jason for the past 16. Nicky has a particular interest in natural diabetes management and treatments and is a strong advocate for and support to people living with diabetes. If Nicky isn’t planning events or playing taxi driver to young girls, you’ll find her out and about horse riding!


    Cassandra Young

    Administration Manager

    Hailing from Australia, but with kiwi roots, Cassandra is an environmentalist, food lover and passionate student of naturopathy. Two years ago, Cassandra found her calling in Naturopathy, after embarking on her own healing journey. Cassandra has a background in chemical engineering, sustainability consulting and finance administration. She combines these skills to assist in the smooth sailing of day to day adventures at TEHC. As at outdoors enthusiast, she loves to spend her weekends exploring the crisp and beautiful scenery of New Zealand, whether that be surfing, snowboarding or wandering through parks and herb gardens. She also loves dancing, yoga and everything related to natural health.