NEW ‘thelifeplan®’ COMING SOON!!
Our revolutionised ‘thelifeplan®’ is better, faster and more adaptable to your exact health needs. It is much easier for you to interact with us and to use, and has a much deeper reach and base of information, recipes, videos, audio, library content, lectures, connectivity and compatibility – all designed to support you in getting back to exceptional health!

What is the thelifeplan®?
Take the best of Jason’s near-30 years of scientific health research, add Tracey’s 20 years of innovative and delicious plant-based recipes, plus your own personal health coach support… so thelifeplan® has been reborn. We educate and inspire you with traditional wisdom, exceptional food choices, common sense and guidance – to support you in taking control of your own health so you can feel alive again.

What you get on thelifeplan®?

  • 3 easy-to-read LIFEmails from Jason each week, educating and inspiring you to really start feeling alive (this is ‘the why?’)
  • Regular short inspirational videos to watch of Jason talking about everything to do with health and longevity (this is the ‘I can do this’ inspiration)
  • Support to prepare your kitchen and pantry (this is ‘the how’)
  • A 4 week Meal Planner with delicious recipes (to get you started)
  • 3 easy-to-make plant-based wholefood LIFErecipes from Tracey each week – super delicious and unbelievably healthy! (this is ‘the how’)
  • Reality Check Sheets to measure your progress (at whatever level suits you and your goals)
  • Our Exceptional Health Coach Natalie, alongside Jason for you to call on for personal advice and guidance throughout the duration of your programme.
  • Access to the Exceptional Health Library of hundreds of health-related articles and videos!

You are 100% supported as needed from start to finish.

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