My 2018 Water Fast has been INCREDIBLE – Part 4

“There’s no question in my mind that a water-only fast, conducted with proper preparation and supervision, is the most effective way to burn up unwanted adipose tissue and eliminate stored toxins. But to do a water-only fast properly, it’s best to rest around the clock, both physically and emotionally, and too fast for at least a week. To engage in everyday activities while consuming nothing but water is a good way to quickly lose skeletal muscle mass, which, for a number of reasons, isn’t good for your health”

Dr Ben Kim, USA

These are the main points to remember before and during your fast.

  • Fasting is generally safe for everyone who is well.
  • The healthier you are, the longer you can fast.
  • Stay relaxed as much as you can, and get plenty of rest during a fast.
  • Eat good, healthy, fresh food for at least a week before fasting.
  • You can experience discomfort when initially cleaning out your diet, especially in the first few days of weaning off refined sugar and flour. These symptoms generally disappear by day three. This is your accumulated waste moving in to the bloodstream for removal.
  • You generally lose your appetite four days into a fast.
  • Some people can continue to work as normal right through a long sustained fast, others need to rest and sleep all day.
  • You may find that skin rashes or pimples appear. This will pass.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Take the basics from my fasting regime and mould them into a fast that suits you and your body. If spirulina works for you but not barley grass, then just have spirulina. If you hate apple cider vinegar but you crave a little lemon juice, use the lemon juice.

Water fasting

Water fasting is not for beginners. I do not recommend water fasting until after you have mastered regular, green superfood fasting, consistently and easily. Juice fasting, for most people, is far better in many ways. Do not attempt water fasting until you have mastered juice fasting. Juice fasting is the first step, and then over time you can extend the periods on water alone while juice fasting. Water fasting may lead to dizziness and blackouts. Water fasting is the pinnacle of fasting in the sense that the body gets a total rest. When you water fast, without any sugar intake of any kind, your blood sugar remains at baseline and the body has no need of insulin, so those levels are minimal and insulin sensitivity is improved. Blood insulin levels drop dramatically and stabilise effectively during the first 24 hours of fasting.

Time becomes available

Water fasting is more unusual and intense than juice fasting as you do not have to do anything. You do not go to the fridge, you do not make juices, and you do not need to remember anything at all about your intake. You just sip water. This is a really strange situation for your brain because you will walk to the fridge or pantry on automatic pilot. It demonstrates in the clearest possible way how much you overeat; how many times you habitually reach for food or heavily flavoured drinks.

Remember, the point of fasting is not to be miserable or to focus on being hungry, but to retrain our bodies and strengthen our minds by saying ‘no’ for a while. On a water fast if it is cold then it is fine to have a grated ginger simmered in a pot of water (or another comparable drink) to boost circulation and to keep you warm.

In part 5, I talk about time, hunger and being appropriate when fasting.

As earlier, if you are struggling with your health, I would love to work with you one-on-one, it would be a privilege to help you back to great health.

Personalised One-On-One Health Coaching with me

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With my 30 years of research, ‘healthy longevity’ study and parenting intuition, I look closely at your life – tackling and addressing all your needs and concerns around your health and wellbeing. I do this meaningfully, at your pace, in your style, and with your health goals top of mind.


I come to you, at your place and help you transform your pantry, your fridge, your diet, your lifestyle – all inside your own environment. I will initially do a very in-depth interview with you and we will then work together through the most important changes to be made over time to all areas of your diet, lifestyle, environment and headspace.


I will work through with you (and/or your family if appropriate) to get you all feeling inspired and alive again and to achieve every health goal you have. If cooking and food inspiration is needed, Tracey can join us for fun cooking workshops on main meals, desserts, salads, treats and kid’s meals – in your kitchen. For some people (particularly those who are visual) seeing something prepared and cooked is how it really sticks with you and gets you over that barrier and into the joy and ease of healthy longevity cooking.


Because of the nature of how personal and in-depth this work is, naturally there is only room for me to work with a handful of individuals or families at any one time. I am currently working with one family and one individual and we are getting life-changing results.


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