Fasting Day 46

Well, what a night!  It is fasting day 46 today of my longest ever fast and I have been waking every day so far between 4.30am and 5.30am.  Waking wide awake and ready for the day – no matter what time I have gone to bed. Even on New Year’s eve when we stayed up late until after midnight I have still woken every day at this time feeling refreshed and ready to go.  That is however, until today when I slept soundly from 10.30pm until 8.30am this morning!  I awoke feeling great, then took Hadassah my granddaughter for a two hour 11km walk from our house right to the top of Cornwall Park and back again!  I was so energised that I ran part of the way down pushing her as it felt so good to run!  She loved it all the way there as there was a very strong wind and she is very warm – like a human battery – like her father Trey.  We grabbed some photos at the top and then all the way home she slept, er, um, like a baby!

Still loving the fasting and have lost my hunger completely apart from mid-afternoon which is when I am often hungry anyway.  Still noticing how most of the time we organise our entire days and nights around food.  Still been to every social gathering without issue, just having a green tea while others eat and no problem at all.  When someone hears that you have not eaten today or for a few days (or heaven forbid, for more than a week!), then they just freeze with shock and awe.  Funny really given how fasting has been a natural part of our evolution as there was not always enough food.  So we stored it on the body for when there was famine but there is no famine anymore (and we keep eating like there is a famine coming…).  Off to get a fresh vegetable juice today as always and then some herbal tea! Goodness me I am going all out like a crazy person!  Then a long reading session in the shade methinks…  I cannot even imagine what my days will be like eating again next week as there are so many wonderful things to eat!  I will be in my mother’s garden in Cheviot, North Canterbury and she has 10 kinds of berries growing in large amounts and every vegetable you could think of.  Life is simply amazing right now, when you move for change and embrace it, incredible things happen.  Life gives you miracles when you go without for a while.


  1. Wow! Congratulations for the effort….you always look the same!
    Happy New Year to you all.
    You gran daughter is so big and lovely!!!

    • Hi David, each time I fast it’s different. I very rarely use fruit in my fresh juice (maybe the odd apple), mainly just fresh vegetables. Lately I’ve been enjoying water fasts. I don’t often recommend water fasts unless you have been fasting for a long time and are quite experienced with fasting.

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