Science is divided on everything – Part One

The internet has given us incredible wonders and amazement in so many areas and yet an overabundance of myths and rubbish pretending to be science in other areas. In the area of food, food research, food science, food recommendations, philosophy, ‘healthy foods’ vs ‘unhealthy foods’ and simply ‘what do I eat?’, it is a never ending sea of conflicting advice. Remember; FOOD IS EMOTIONAL. Even talking about food and having an opinion on it opens you to criticism, judgement, opposition, politics, trolling, name calling and defensiveness. Make up your own mind and enjoy your food because human beings are messy!

Our basic advice?

  • intervene in your own life
  • do your own research
  • listen to experts who walk the talk
  • follow the habits of the world’s longest lived cultures
  • eat more plants
  • eat more wholefoods
  • get to the core of your microbiome – serve it well and look after it
  • eat less overall
  • regularly intelligently fast
  • create healthy habits
  • go to bed early
  • get good quality sleep
  • manage your stress
  • live in your H.A.P.P.Y. Paradigm
  • come and work with us to achieve Exceptional Health!

Intelligent Prevention

What I write, report and comment on, in regards to preventable cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and the other preventable killer diseases, is the dietary, lifestyle and environmental changes we can make (that are proven), that lower our risk of getting and dying of any non-communicable diseases (NCDs). For example; if we want to lower the odds of ourselves or our children getting lung cancer, then we avoid being around smokers because smoking is directly and clearly linked to lung cancers. We can also cut back on, or give up alcohol completely, should we wish to lower our risk of breast cancer or liver cancer, and so on.

The nature of human beings is that if you have one elder who lives to 100 after a life of drugs, drink, cigarettes and processed food, then there are always media reports and scientists who say “See, there is the proof that diet does not matter!” However they foolishly negate the other 999 elders who got there saying “I ate less, I ate well, I went to bed early, I have a routine, I did not smoke or drink or eat processed foods”.

There are genuine medical professionals who argue for drinking alcohol daily, eating large amounts of food (of any kind) and that smoking is healthy. There are sites dedicated to the reality that the world is flat – and they offer research to prove it. That is the upside and downside of the information age I guess. At the end of the day nothing is provable definitively as there are always people who can prove something different, or put doubt on an otherwise rigorous and seemingly obvious clear scientific result.

Our Exceptional Health Philosophy

When it comes to holistic nutrition it is not a matter of one size fits all. We are very mindful of treating all of our members on our programmes on a case-by-case basis. You are a product of your genetics, your childhood, your sleep routines, your gut microbiome, your addictions and habits, and your wider environment. We at Exceptional Health are hugely inspired by the centenarian populations of the longest lived and healthiest populations (Okinawa, Nagano, Loma Linda, Ikaria, Longevity Village Bapan, and Sardinia to name a few).

Our focus is on eating primarily a plant based, wholefood diet – whatever way that works for every individual. This means mostly plants, mostly wholefoods. Whatever you eat in our modern society, there is generally always room for more real foods, more wholefoods and way more plants! We also work with you on making important subtle, small, large, easy, hard and strange lifestyle and environmental changes. Why? Because our ‘exact yet fluid’ personal mix of diet, lifestyle and environmental advice seems to work exceptionally well, and create miracle results for most human beings in transforming their health.

Start with more plants and then work with the individual

Our health coaching/nutritional team work with all of our members to ‘meet them’ where there are at, and to adjust things for them accordingly. To that end, a lot of people on our programmes dramatically cut back or give away the modern high-meat, sugar-rich, highly-processed and low-fibre foods. They change their food and nutrition mix by introducing the centenarian health-giving staple foods; superfood legumes, wholegrains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. They change sleep patterns, routines and habits. We have zero interest in being food Nazis and also we fully recognise that different things work for different people. That said, we do find that, on the whole, most people respond really well to less or no processed and refined foods, more real foods, more wholefoods and the bottom line; more plants.

Our mission and reason for being

‘To sustainably inspire, educate and support change that will transform the health, vitality and longevity of people all over the world’. With that behind and driving everything we do, we look to take people from where they are at with their health to a whole new level of health and vitality by making simple and consistent changes and improvements to their diet, lifestyle and environment. Our approach is flexible, inclusive and collaborative.

I stand next to, and in respect of scientists bringing forth the research and clarity in preventing the non-communicable diseases that are killing so many of us far too young.

Over 1,000 further references are listed at and on pages 217-237 of Eat Less, Live Long and on pages 472-505 of My 20 Golden Rules.

Written by Jason Shon Bennett from ExceptionalHealth®.

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