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  • Tramper Goodness sm

    You have totally changed my life

    I walk 40 minutes most days and have loads of energy. I have lost just under 5kgs and feel fantastic. Even my concentration and sleep patterns have improved. People are commenting on how youthful and healthy my skin looks and they have noticed the weight loss! I facilitated a workshop last week and a female colleague told me I looked stunning. Not something I am used to being told, it used to be “you look tired” or “you look pale, are you ok?” Even my husband has dropped his meat, sugar and processed food intake dramatically and he has lost weight and is looking great. I am so grateful to your team for this opportunity. It has totally changed my life already, I’m getting lots done at home and at work, and I am enjoying doing it. Getting up in the morning has become a pleasure.

    Enjoying a wilderness adventure

    Clean bill of health!

    I went along for my check-up today and got a clean bill of health. The doctors aren’t concerned, as I am doing everything to lessen my risk of diabetes and they are going to test my glucose again in February. I am just so pleased I am on the 20GoldenWeeks programme – it’s making me more proactive in giving my body more of a helping hand. I am positive that on this programme I will see my HbA1c levels come well within the normal limits in the future. Thank you for suggesting to have the tests done. Onwards and upwards!

    Lou, 2015

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  • 5kg less of me to carry!

    I started at 88kg and am now 83kg and I have not eaten much less than before. I feel very healthy with way more energy. Tramping is easy and I do not run out of energy, also there is 5kg less of me to carry! My skin appears much more healthy. Minor frequent infections have now stopped. The gastric reflux is gone – it is great, my stomach is at peace with my food. Everyone thinks my diet is mad, but I know their diet is mad! The best thing yet is Jason’s super healthy muesli – fantastic breakfast!”

    Peter, my20GOLDENweeks, 2015



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    Husband & Wife Team

    Thank you for all the support and guidance over the last 20 weeks. I really appreciate your program as it was the only way I could find to get Wayne to change his habits. I could explain the benefits of healthy living to him till I was blue in the face and try to show him by example with the wholefoods I was eating, but until it comes from someone else, that he respects and keeps him at it, it was never going to happen. So thank you all for your program and for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

    Thank you for the meal recipes and the advice to soak, sprout and ferment.
    We can always learn and refine our daily routines and habits, to continually grow and improve our lives, and a reminder to think about what we are putting in our mouths (what, when and why) is regularly required.

    Chris, 2015

    I have completed the 20 week life changing programme and feel that this has been one of the shortest periods with the greatest change for me in a long long time. The change has been huge and a whole different direction in personal eating habits, weight loss, increased energy and flexibility. The food and drink changes have not been as hard as I thought and now my taste buds enjoy the new fresh food flavours and we like to experiment a bit. We are enjoying different foods and loving it. This will stay with me and my wife for the rest of our lives. Thank you to the team for helping see the way forward to enjoy with great health and vigour the twilight years of our lives.

    Wayne, 2015

    Beautiful woman enjoying daisy in a field

    All this in spite of the fact I’m 77 years old

    All my life I have had problems with constipation and weight. Believe me, you name it, I’ve probably done it or at the very least investigated it over the past 44 years! I am delighted to say that after only 8 weeks on my20GOLDENweeks I now eliminate 3 times a day and I am losing weight. My skin is nowhere near as dry as it used to be and moles and blemishes are disappearing or fading. All this in spite of the fact I’m 77 years old, have false teeth, have limited ability to exercise but a determination to experience a healthy, drug free life in my final years
    Joy, July 20, 2015