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What happens when you don’t want to give them back?


Grandparents fall in love too.

Our adorable granddaughter Hadassah has reached the 6 month mark – how the time has flown! It has been so interesting and amazing becoming a grandparent; both experiencing for ourselves what it is like and discovering how we feel about it.
Hadassah 1
Jase and I had always heard the classic cliché where people say how much they love being a grandparent as you can ‘have fun with them and then you get to give them back!’. But what happens when you don’t want to give them back?!! And… you get a bit confused at times thinking they are your own new baby? Sure we weren’t so keen on doing the sleepless nights (although we did offer in those early months), but apart from that we have wanted to be around her all the time. It was initially a bit of an adjustment for us. We fell in love with Hadassah the instant we met her as a newborn and really felt compelled to see her every day; almost grieving because we couldn’t!
Hadassah Girl
In the early months Hadassah’s parents lived an hours drive from us so it made it tricky to just ‘pop in’ and ‘pop out’ again. So we settled into driving out there most weekends or them coming to us so we could spend as much time cuddling, feeding, changing, loving her as we could without falling into the ‘unbearable, ever-present, don’t-know-when-to-leave grandparent’ category! It took us a few weeks but we got used to this groove and looked forward to our weekend times with bubba. But the first month or so was tough and we honestly could not stop thinking about her and wanting to see her every day.
Hadassah’s birth was certainly the highlight of 2015 for Jason and I without question! Now six months on, we are loving our weekends with lots of ‘Haddie Girl’, ‘Dahsie boo boo’, ‘Dassa’, ‘Princess Hadassah’ around and I am thrilled to say that we now have the honour of caring for her every Friday, which we are beyond stoked about – Woo Hoo! So yes, doting Grandies we are – we love seeing all the little steps and evolutions and just can’t get enough of all those snuggles and smiles… oh yeah (:
Even though I didn’t think I was quite ready for it, I have to say that being young grandparents is the BEST!

Love Tracey (Nannie T)

Hadassah & Dad

Hadassah & Dad

  • As long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, Christmas is.

    — Eric Sevareid

    Christmas is so very close to our hearts. And when it really comes down to it, the thing we love the most about it is the sharing and time spent with those we love. People dig deep into their hearts at this time of year and it feels so good to give. There are many ways to give – giving of ourselves, giving our time, giving gifts, giving hugs, giving encouragement and acknowledgement and giving support. Even if there are things about your Christmas that are not ideal or you are not happy with, if you focus on how you can make a difference to others, this can lift your spirits and feed your soul.

    A few rituals that we have with our family and kids are taking gifts to the City Mission in Auckland every year for those less fortunate, giving gifts to Salvation Army and Hospice for children who will not otherwise receive presents and making Christmas goodies for friends and family.

    Heart 15

    If you are wondering how you can spread the Christmas spirit and make a difference for someone this year, here are some ideas:

    • Wrap nice things you feel you can let go of and re-gift them to organisations who ensure children less fortunate get gifts. Involve your kids in this – such a good way to show them how to give.
    • Bake little Christmas cakes/ cookies/ truffles, wrap them creatively and give them to your friends and family, school teachers, other significant people in your community with heartfelt little cards showing them you appreciate them.
    • Contact a rest home and see if they would like a visit from you to read to or sit and chat to any of the elderly people who have no family.
    • Volunteer to work in a soup kitchen or similar for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day helping provide homeless people with a Christmas meal and special time on Christmas Day.
    • Take gifts and treats to your local hospital for the Children who will be spending Christmas day away from their family while sick.
    • Sponsor a disadvantaged child in foreign country less fortunate than yours for some bare necessities.

    Have a play and enjoy your heartfelt gifting!
    Much love, Tracey xx

  • Giving

    Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.

    ~ Ruth Carter Stapleton

    red berries

    The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.

    ~ Burton Hillis

  • Joel & Tracey

  • Gratitude

    I was lucky enough to attend my youngest son’s school camp recently in the Rotorua countryside at a wonderful site called Tui Ridge. The theme was the Greek Olympics and we came together with 5 other Steiner schools to have a tournament in true Ancient Greek style and ceremony. With flags, torches, formalities, pomp and reverence and all children wearing their own handmade toga of their designated city – it was a sight to behold. I loved the experience and relished the chance to sink into being ‘camp mum’ for 4 days in rolling nature and away from city life and stresses.

    On the last day after enjoying the ceremony, with the cream on the cake being that my little guy Joel won the marathon, I was reflecting in a quiet moment on how I had found the week and noticed that the overriding emotion that I was tuned into was gratitude. Gratitude that I could take a week out of my life to do something lovely, important and fun with my youngest child. Gratitude that my team of 11 children had embraced me as their leader and I had been able to really contribute to and support them through whatever stuff came up. Gratitude that I had witnessed a beautiful, pure soulmate-style friendship blossom between a boy from another school and my son Joel. Gratitude that my wonderful team at work had stepped up and covered for me so that I could fully ‘be’ on camp with my boy. Gratitude that I could connect and play with one of my most special friends who was also a camp mum that week. Gratitude that I was able to dig deep within and find the courage to go on the big swing! Gratitude that after eating classic camp food for a few days – nachos, Mac cheese, lasagne and pies – my body was screaming at me reminding me why I choose to not eat that way and the benefits that comes from that choice.

    In the times we live in, and the things that are going on in other parts of the world right now, I am just super grateful for family and friends, for living in this beautiful country and for life – in all its messiness, complexity and unpredictability.

  • Breath Taking Life


    For many people out there and close to you all, it’s been a bit of challenging year with ups and downs, topsy turvy moments, tears and tumbles, so this felt good to share with you this month… never forget the breath-taking bits, they are all around you if you look for them.


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  • hadassah - trace and jase

  • Pure joy is the best way to describe the experience of becoming first time grandparents.  We hang out all week to see our little ‘Dassie’  – she is a bundle of deliciousness and we are addicted to hugging her!
    Love Jason & Tracey (Nannie & Gramps) xx