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Thank you for another great talk last night Jaons!

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the slides on caffeine I took photos and sent these to my mother, a few months ago but 15year old sister was at an event and took some of those stupid nodoz (caffeine pills) as her friends told her they would give her energy, they made her exceptionally thirsty so she washed these down with 2 large energy drinks. She was rushed to hospital by mum and monitored, mum swore it was due to the caffeine (which it clearly was) but the doctor told mum it was very unlikely and he wasn’t able to prove this and they were sent home once Annabelle stopped seezing and was rehydrated, she’s now having to have councilling. For me being able to send these to mum it had helped her to know she’s not going crazy and she has every right to suspect the caffeine.
Thanks for your time – Charlotte “


  • Alcohol major cause of early death.

    The best way to ensure you stay safe is too avoid all drugs. Here are some statistics to help keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum.

      • Reduce Alcohol Consumption. An Oxford University study confirmed the only safe level of drinking alcohol is around half a glass a day or 3.5 glasses per week. At Exceptional Health we encourage you to limit your alcohol intake to this recommend amount at most.
      • Drinking levels beyond limits in young and old. The average man is drinking over 4 TIMES MORE than the safe upper limit.  The average woman is drinking TWICE the safe upper limit. School pupils (children) who drink are having THREE TIMES the safe upper limit.
      • Alcohol Kills. In England, 4600 people die of alcohol related deaths alone each year. Of the alcohol-related deaths, the majority (4,154) died from alcoholic liver disease.
      • Breast cancer is skyrocketing across the western World.  Alcohol directly grows breast cancer in the human body.  ‘Western Fat Cancers’ are growing worldwide, and all are impacted negatively by alcohol.  Obesity, heart disease and diabetes are all, in part, caused by alcohol.  Stroke, high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy, and five cancers would be dramatically reduced if people just drank less alcohol.


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    Jason Shon Bennet has been researching health and wellness for over 30 years and is passionate about educating and inspiring people to live long lives free of drugs and disease.   Since 2011, Jason and Exceptional Health have been supporting people all over the world to gain optimum health and transform their lives.

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