Fasting & Eating Less

Here at Exceptional Health we support you to fast intelligently.

By transforming your health and wellbeing you can live a long and healthy life free of drugs and disease.


  • Regular Intelligent Fasting™ is the miracle cure.

    Fasting is part of a healthy and balanced choice to protect yourself from preventable modern lifestyle diseases.   Exceptional Health provide comprehensive support through our programmes to teach you how to fast intelligently and safely. Fasting while in expert hands is always best – please contact us for support. 

    Positive fasting results are worldwide, long term and phenomenal:

    • Fasting and Alzheimer’s. Regular fasting helps the brain fight degeneration and recover better from injury. Fasting encourages cellular repair, which leads to higher resistance to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and the aging process of atrophy.
    • Fasting has been show to prolong the reproductive lifespan and aid in Fertility.
    • Fasting and Heart Disease. Regular fasting protects against heart disease. US research cardiologists found that 24-hour fasting can lower the risk of developing coronary artery disease and diabetes and also can improve blood cholesterol levels. People who fast one day each month have been found to have lower rates of heart disease and those who fast regularly are 45% less likely to be diagnosed with heart disease (American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, 2007).
    • Fasting and Cardiovascular Disease. Treating patients with a plant-based wholefood diet and then a period of fasting has been shown to achieve lower blood pressure rates, cure hypertension and enable patients to discontinue medication safely.
    • Fasting and Type II Diabetes. Regular fasting in human trials has shown great benefits for those with diabetes. We are genetically built for fasting as our insulin regulation improves sevenfold while fasting. Fasting one day per week delivers improved insulin sensitivity. Juice drinkers are generally leaner, and they have better insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Researchers have measured ‘improved pancreatic function’ and found ‘fewer fatty deposits associated with insulin resistance’ in those fasting.
    • Fasting and Asthma. Fasting asthmatic patients have rapid and sustained beneficial effects and lowered symptoms of asthma including better airway function and a decrease in the markers of inflammation in the blood.

      I have never had asthmatic symptoms while fasting and I have fasted hundreds of times.JSB

  • How We Can Help

    Exceptional Health supports and inspires you to eat less by transforming your diet, environment and lifestyle in accordance with what your body needs to be well.

    Exceptional Health provides personalised guidance on your journey to optimum wellbeing. With Exceptional Team Support, Exercise Inspiration, Health Education & Delicious Recipes to guide you to exceptional health we can help you grow old well.

    Find out more about our personalised programmes.

    Fasting Research

    Jason Shon Bennet has been researching health and wellness for over 30 years and is passionate about educating and inspiring people to live long lives free of drugs and disease.
    Since 2011, Jason and Exceptional Health have been supporting people all over the world to gain optimum health and transform their lives.

    Read Jason’s Blog on his 50 DAY FAST


    Juice fasting cleans the entire system.

    Juicing is the future of medicine. It cures cancer, reverses heart disease and stabilizes cholesterol and blood pressure. It ends kidney stones and gall stones and reverses depression and psychosis. It builds strong bones and strong muscles. It absolutely reverses type II diabetes in a matter of days, and it obliterates obesity in a matter of weeks.
    Mike Adams, nutritionist, editor of Natural News.

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