Fasting tips for the beginner

1.Have a goal when fasting; plan for it and prepare for it.

2.Go into a fast already fit so you can carry on exercising while fasting. Your ability to lift and exercise your own body weight will increase incredibly but go easy on the free weights workouts.

3.Start with just one day fasting. If it goes well, two weeks later try fasting for the entire weekend. Then a month or so later try three days etc. The first fast is usually the most challenging mentally. Subsequent fasts get easier as you progressively get healthier and your body has less toxins to deal with. Build to longer fasts slowly over a year or so as long as they continue to be beneficial to you.

4.Relax, do not be too rigid, go to bed early and get enough sleep.

5.Your emotional state may get a little testy while fasting as we eat junk-foods out of boredom, habit or emotional need. Chocolate, chips and lollies give us an immediate lift and an immediate ‘drug like’ feeling of happiness (which is why they sell so well). Watch your emotions carefully as you will be more prone to snapping and irritability.

6.Drink as much as you feel the need for but do not drink until bloated or if you feel too full. Initially you will be drinking all day but you will find the longer you fast the less liquid you need. Trust your instincts when it comes to water intake.

7.Dress warmly. You get much colder as your body fat reserves fall.

8.Always have a support person who knows what you are doing and why so they can help when you feel low and encourage you when you need it. Flat mates, family or work mates are the best support people. Fasting with a friend is the best fasting of all.

9.Stick with foods that you are used to such as good healthy vegetable juices. Do not try any unusual or new foods on a fast as foods may cause a reaction that will be amplified whilst fasting.

10.Your breath may really smell bad. This is a result of the blood cleaning toxins from the body and your bowel letting go of old rotting waste. Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you at all times!

11.During fasting, when you stand up, take one or two deep breaths to get the heart pumping.

12.Do not use harsh laxatives. They are for emergency use only. Use the loofah or body-glove scrubber before you shower or bath as you are shedding lots of skin cells and toxins through the skin.

13.Have entertainment prepared for when you get bored!