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By transforming your diet and nutritional intake you can live a long and healthy life free of drugs and disease.

  • Hunting For Health

    • Evolving Ill Health
      For most of the 150,000 years of human evolution we ate a plant-based wholefood diet. We were used to going without food for periods and eating only raw or freshly-caught foods. Now we have too much food to eat, most of it highly processed and nutritionally void.
      The top 10 foods currently eaten in most ‘developed’ countries are: cow’s milk, white sugar and sweeteners, white flour, processed cheese, white bread products, fizzy/soft/energy/soda/cola drinks, processed meats, coffee and takeaway junk-foods.
    • Not well at all
      We are sicker, younger than any time in history. If you eat the typical modern 3,500 calorie daily diet of nutrient-poor, low-fibre, sugar-rich, refined carbohydrates, highly-processed animal foods and toxic rancid fats, then your odds are 9.9 out of 10 of dying of a preventable disease in your 60s or 70s; after a long, slow, painful decline in health. Over 95% of people in the West now die from obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease, or smoking-related illness.
  • How We Can Help

    Exceptional Health supports and inspires you to live a long and healthy life by transforming your diet, environment and lifestyle in accordance with what your body needs to be nutritionally rich and grow exceptionally well.

    Exceptional Health provides personalised guidance on your journey to optimum wellbeing. With Exceptional Team Support, Exercise Inspiration, Health Education & Delicious Recipes to guide you to exceptional health we can help you be well.

    Find out more about our personalised programmes.

Becoming Nutritionally Rich


A Word From Jason

Be grateful for what you have. Make choices wisely. We are privileged enough to make choices in our lives. You can choose what to eat & you can choose what to grow. Most people, once educated about their life-expectancy and lifestyle choices, will change when supported to. Transforming your health and wellbeing is a life long journey – life’s too short not to be well!
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