Here at Exceptional Health we support you to breathe.

By transforming your health and wellbeing you can live a long and healthy life free of drugs and disease.

  • Smoking Sucks

      • Smoking is responsible for about one-in-ten adult deaths worldwide or 5 million deaths each year.
      • Smoking is a leading cause of premature mortality
      • Smoking is a leading cause of circulatory disease and cancer
      • Smoking increases the risk of heart attack
      • Smoking increases the risk of stroke,
      • Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer
      • Smoking increases the risk of cancers of the larynx and mouth
      • Smoking increases the risk of pancreatic cancer
      • Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease and
      • Smoking causes hypertension
      • Smoking is an important contributory factor for respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
      • Smoking among pregnant women can lead to low birth weight and illnesses among infants
      • Smoking remains the largest avoidable risk to health in OECD countries
  • How We Can Help

    Exceptional Health supports and inspires you to choose to live a long and healthy life by transforming your diet, environment and lifestyle in accordance with what your body needs to breathe.

    Exceptional Health provides personalised guidance on your journey to optimum wellbeing. With Exceptional Team Support, Exercise Inspiration, Health Education & Delicious Recipes to guide you to exceptional health we can help you be well.

    Find out more about our personalised programmes.

    Smoking – don’t start!

    The average smoker takes 5 years and 7 attempts to quit smoking. Research suggests that nicotine is as addictive as heroin, cocaine, or alcohol. If you haven’t started don’t even think about it. If you are a smoker and want to make a change, diet and nutrition play a key part in creating a healthier environment to support nicotine withdrawal and a clearer mind, and will to quit. Everybody needs support and we’re here to help you change your life.


A Word From Jason

We take for granted that we breath. As a once chronic asthmatic I learnt the value of my breath through the loss of it. Breath keeps us alive. Breathing is fundamental for two reasons. It is the only means of supplying our bodies with vital oxygen for our health and it’s one of the primary ways we cleanse toxins from our body. One of the addictive elements of smoking is the way in which it connects the smoker to the inhale and exhale of their breath. Getting connected to your breath is addictive but you don’t need to smoke to do that. In fact connecting with your breath can help you to quit smoking. Getting in touch with your breath, your body, your self, your health is vital to your wellbeing. Get grateful for every breath; change your mind and your health.

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