What you get as a member of thelifeplan®?

1. Inspiration, guidance, education, tips, exercises, videos and articles from Jason
2. Comprehensive ‘how to’ delicious and easy-to-make recipes, meal planners and kitchen videos from Tracey
3. Videos, articles, recipes and LIFEhelp from your exceptional health coach, to support you achieving all your personal health goals
4. The support of a private on-line community who are on a similar journey
5. Access to The LIFE Library of research, tips, tricks, traps, health related articles, in depth 2-hour seminars, solutions, behaviour change coaching and much more…


Register for three months on thelifeplan® for NZ$119.85 and you will receive over $300 of free gifts: a signed copy of the #1 Whitcoulls Top 100 NZ Books for 2015/2016 ‘My 20 Golden Rules’ plus our Exceptional Health 6-DVD boxset (containing 12 full length seminars from Jason). All free. Very limited numbers. First in first served.

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How thelifeplan® started – the backstory


NEW ‘thelifeplan®’

Our revolutionised ‘thelifeplan®’ is simply the best online health programme we have ever created. It is more adaptable to your exact personal health needs and much easier for you to interact with us and to use. It has a much deeper reach and base of information, recipes, videos, audio, library content, lectures, connectivity and compatibility – all designed to support you in getting back to exceptional health!

What is thelifeplan®?

Thelifeplan started through sheer demand. So many people asked me over the years if I could simply “teach what I had learned”. It is everything I have learned about health and everything I do. So many people wanted the exceptional health that I had. If you take my experience of working with the thousands of members who have transformed their health on thelifeplan® over the last six years; mix in the best of my near-30 years of scientific health research, new successful behaviour change advice, centenarian culture study, new articles and a heap of new videos; throw in all of the awesome articles, recipes, content and videos from our shorter programme ‘My 20 GOLDEN Weeks’; add 30+ years of real-world experience raising four healthy children and a grandchild; blend in Tracey’s 20 years of innovative kitchen wisdom, tips, new videos, and new delicious plant-based wholefood recipes; continue with brand new ongoing weekly content and new weekly videos; put in my 30 years ongoing experience around fasting (everything you need to know); build in reporting and being responsible to us directly and personally; and finally throw in your own personal Exceptional Health Coach or two… so thelifeplan® online health coaching programme has been reborn!

We educate and inspire you with traditional wisdom, exceptional food choices, common sense and guidance – to support you in taking control of your own health so you can feel alive again.

What you get on thelifeplan®?


  • A 4 week Meal Planner with stunningly delicious plant-based wholefood recipes
  • Weekly short inspirational behaviour change videos from Jason
  • ‘Life in the kitchen’ videos with Wholefood Chef Tracey
  •  health-related videos from Jason teaching you about longevity
  •  Lessons videos from the Exceptional Health Coach
  •  Easy-to-read yet in-depth LIFEmails from Jason each week on health and longevity
  • 2 easy-to-make plant-based wholefood LIFErecipes from Tracey each week – super delicious and unbelievably healthy!
  • Regular Intelligent Fasting® with the Exceptional Health mylifecommunity® every week whenever you want to join us
  • Jason’s 20 best GOLDEN exercises for longevity video series (short 2-3 minute clips you can integrate into your daily routine as you are ready)
  • Reality Check Sheets to measure your progress (at whatever level suits you and your goals)
  • Our Exceptional Health Coach, alongside Jason for you to call on for personal advice and guidance throughout the duration of your programme.
  • Access to the Exceptional Health Library of hundreds of health-related articles, recipes and videos
  • Support to prepare and transform your kitchen and pantry
  • Every long 1-2hr health seminar that Jason has ever filmed (over 20, *see below)
  • Membership of the private and exclusive ‘mylifecommunity’ Facebook group to share with like-minded individuals around the world
  • The Centenarian Cultures Wisdom
  • Brand new member-only articles, videos and recipes added all the time
  • You are 100% supported as needed from start to finish
  • For as short or as long as you like (join for a month or two, or three, or stay forever!
  • All for around $1 per day…

We look forward to working with you to get you back to exceptional health!

Jason, Tracey, Nicky and Natalie and The Exceptional Health Team!


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