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I don’t see this as a plan anymore, it’s just what I do.

Nearly nine months after finishing the programme I:

  • Have not gained any of the weight I lost other than the odd fluctuation here and there, which is generally sorted out with fasting. I don’t even hop on the scales anymore – I just go by how I’m feeling and how my clothes fit.
  • Don’t eat meat, gluten, or dairy 95% of the time (this may even be higher)
  • Have learned to integrate Jason’s key philosophies into my life so that I have a new ‘normal’.
  • Have loved experimenting with cooking Tracey’s recipes and my pantry looks completely different now. I buy sesame seeds by the kilo, not by the little bottle and have a whole shelf devoted to nuts and seeds and legumes.
  • Still struggle with sugar, but have lots of healthy sweet treats that I make regularly to keep this issue at bay.
  • Still fast here and there although not every week like I was. I tend to do a 3 or 5 day fast every 2-3 months rather than once a week now. It just seems to have evolved that way. But I have introduced juicing now and regularly have green or red juices to add to my vege intake.
  • Still exercise regularly – tennis, walking, and running when I feel the urge.
  • Can’t see anything changing as I don’t see this as a programme anymore, it’s just what I do.

Donna Freeman, Director, Fashion Personnel Ltd, August, 2015

Dear Jason, Nicky, & Nat,

Just wanted to THANK YOU all so much for your knowledge, support, mentoring and encouragement as my partner and I embarked on our Exceptional Health journey :-). Jason – you are such an inspiration. We have enjoyed two of your ‘road show’ events here in Nelson – both times we were totally engrossed in everything you talked about and felt very blessed to have had the opportunity to hear you speak. You are a lucky man to have such an awesome team around you ! Nicky, Nat – take a bow girls – you are both superstars and add such value to the company – thank you for all that you do :-). We started your programme with the idea of ‘keeping it real’ for us long-term, we didn’t want to set unrealistic goals that we knew we wouldn’t be able to keep, we still eat chicken/fish maybe once every 10 days, drink alcohol on occasion and haven’t launched into the fasting regime – but the rest has been pretty dam easy and we are steaming ahead like it is second nature now. Keeping a food diary was the key for me – I knew that everything I put in my mouth I was going to have to record at the end of the day – it certainly made me stop and think every time I went to buy food at the supermarket/order a meal at a restaurant etc. I kept the diary for the first month – it was always good to look back at the end of each week, analyse how well I had done and see how easy it was to keep on track. Also – ‘being prepared’ with healthy food options in my handbag at ALL times has saved me making bad food choices on MANY occasions.  You will always find a mandarin, pottle of seeds/nuts in my handbag these days! Your daily emails were such good reiteration of everything we already knew – but just kept embedding the key things in our heads – and we tried a few of the recipes too. I have kept all your emails and will keep re-reading them in the future when I need a bit of inspiration. Not only have we both lost weight and are sleeping better, but we just feel great about the fact that we know we are ‘showing some love’ to our bodies and transforming the health, vitality and longevity of our lives. Thank you to the whole ‘Exceptional Health’ Team – you guys are awesome !!!
Kind Regards, Barbara, July 2017


  • I have lost 14kg

    I joined the programme in May 2013 and since then I have lost 14kg. I have been able to stop my blood pressure medication, Losec and daily antihistamines. My cholesterol dropped from a 6 to 5 in one month. My family and friends have asked how I had lost weight and improved my health so dramatically. Thanks again, you are making a difference to the lives of many people
    Brian, Nov 2013


  • My cholesterol is way down!

    Have just had another blood test check and since Nov 2012 when my cholesterol was 8.6 and a year later, it is now 4.7, also my blood pressure is of a teenager and all the other “bits” have had good results with the figures coming down…all in all I am doing great. Thank you to your team.
    Teresa, 2013


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My AFP levels in my liver have dropped from 31 to 27!

Its been one year next month since I started this journey and while I still have a long way to go, it is so encouraging to see a positive change in my lever tests. Normal AFP levels should be under 10 but this is a very encouraging shift for me.
Sharon, 2017


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    I have lost 13kg

    I have lost 13kg on the programme and my husband has lost 16kg (eating my cooking!).  I have given up alcohol, caffeine, meat, sugar, gluten and dairy but still eat occasional fish and seafood.  We are both feeling great and have been fasting once a week since we started which makes a big difference.  I use Tracey’s recipes all the time – they are awesome.  I have also modified a lot of other recipes to remove animal products and gluten with quite a bit of success.  So a huge ‘thank you’ to all of you for your support and help – it has been life changing for me and my husband.
    Brigid, 2012


  • I’m 20kg lighter & my blood pressure is normal

    I have gone from almost 100kg to under 80kg and am heading towards a normal BMI for the first time since my early 20’s. My chronic hay fever is gone and I have taken no antihistamines for over 12 months. I have cured my chronic constipation, my haemorrhoids have disappeared and my blood pressure is back to normal. Tracey’s colourful quinoa salad and raw energy salad are like staple foods in our house now.
    Maurice, Sept 2013


I no longer have diabetes

I hit 45 and was the wrong side of 125kg. On top of that I have an eight year old daughter who was eating the same bad food I was and was aware she was going to start having health problems if I didn’t get my act together. On top of that, I wasn’t fit enough to be the Dad I wanted to be with her. Half way through the year, I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes. Something had to change. After one simple 6 day vegetable juice fast, I’d shed 6.5 kilos, no longer had diabetes, had more energy than I knew what to do with, started sleeping better and my mind was sharper than I’d been for a long time at work. The next visit to my doctor had her completely perplexed. Expecting to having to start dispensing drugs to control blood pressure, cholesterol and the diabetes in the next few years, all she could ask was “Stu, what have you changed? I don’t understand these latest results”  Life changing, no other way to describe Jason’s work. I looking forward to seeing how I am in six months.
Stu, 2013


It is such a pleasure to recommend The Life Plan as a hugely significant and hugely enjoyable guide to healthy living

The best possible thing is to take responsibility for our own health (rather than handing our power over to others to fix us). Health is holistic and there are many modalities to healing mentally,emotionally and spiritually (my modality of choice being Theta Healing.) The best by far for mainly physical healing is theLifePlan. You are such a positive, knowledgeable and fun team ,a pleasure to work, with in partnership for wellbeing. You are my “go to “for accurate research and i do wonder where else to go now i am finished the course!! There is a multitude of opinions out there regarding nutrition ,but when ever i hear information that truly resonates with me,  i find myself saying” That’s what Jason says”.
Thank you for enabling me to change my life and teach many others around me, mainly by modelling what brands to buy,how to cook like a pro, and what to eat to stay well and energetic.

You are providing such a service to humanity at a time when so may people in all innocence are literally being poisoned by the foods they eat! The sickness statistics are incredible!

So thank you all, for your genuine commitment to helping people .You are amazing .

Judy, 2017


  • I can’t thank you guys enough

    The past year has been an exceptional, life changing experience for me. The recipes have been great, I am fasting one day a week, the seminars I found most interesting and I walk and swim most days. I didn’t realise how much junk I was eating till the Exceptional Health Team arrived into my life. You guys certainly sharpened things up and with good reason. I’m 65 years of age, six feet tall, I have stopped taking blood pressure medication and I now weigh just 78 kg. I am partaking and completing 2 km sea swims, going on six week motorcycle trips in the USA, tending to our 1½ acre hillside property (that includes a vegetable garden and orchard), and I still have energy to spare. I can’t thank you guys enough for your programme. It’s complete, it’s no nonsense, and best of all — it gets results. I have so much to look forward to over the rest of my life … and you know what? I’m going to be doing it all!
    Paul, May 2014


    I feel on top of the world

    I do like sweet things so now I am saving money by not BUYING at least two chocolates on my way home from school each night. Best of all is that I am feeling so much better ‘health and weight’ wise. It’s amazing the switch in my brain, not being desperate and not having the need to drive out of my way to a shop to purchase chocolate and then not even really remembering even eating it! I have spent lots of money over the years on all sorts of diets. I am now 61 and instead of worrying about how many years I have left, I feel on top of the world and my age has gone from my head. I think your way of eating takes away all that stuff that can do things in our minds so that has also been a great plus for me.
    Elizabeth, 2012


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    What a ride

    What a ride the last 12 months have been! I have met my goals twice and now have the same weight and energy levels that I had when I was at High School. I thought I might struggle with this plan, but this has been very easy and the results speak for themselves. Again, thanks for the life-changing and life-giving knowledge you have shared with me.
    James, July 2013


    My family and friends have asked how I had lost weight?

    I joined the programme  in May 2013 and since then I have lost 14kg. I have been able to stop my blood pressure medication, Losec and daily antihistamines. My cholesterol dropped from a 6 to 5 in one month. My family and friends have asked how I had lost weight and improved my health so dramatically. Thanks again, you are making  a difference to the lives of many people.
    Brian, November 2013.


Following Jason’s teachings, with very little time and effort, I now have the same body shape I had 25 years ago.

I have just completed the programme and I am more than happy to recommend it to anyone interested in improving their quality of life.  Prior to joining I had been following the diet Jason recommended for several years and I had spent many years studying the various and diverse opinions of what creates sustainable health.  Nutritional research is time consuming, so I figured that for the price of a daily cup of coffee I would let Jason do that for me.  Great decision – I have received an avalanche of information that I would never have had time to find on my own.  Possibly the greatest benefit to my own journey is that I have been reminded of important practices I had at one time put into my daily routine but since ceased to implement. thelifeplan has allowed me to incorporate this information back into my life in a balanced way while giving me a more in depth understanding of the benefits of the plant-based wholefood lifestyle.  An added bonus is weight loss.  I’m really vain, so this alone is reason enough for me to recommend thelifeplan to you.  Although I’ve been plant-based for some years, I still could not shift the weight gained since my mid 40’s, especially the belly fat, which most of us accept as being normal and unavoidable as we get older.  I’m happy to report that this is so untrue.  Following Jason’s teachings, with very little time and effort, I now have the same body shape I had 25 years ago. I’m a happy camper!  This course will allow you to make informed decisions and will enable you to transition to a healthier way of life at your own pace.
Yvonne, 2012


  • Girl In The Forest

    I can’t believe how easy it has been.

    I can’t believe how easy it has been. I have been trying for six years to lose 5 kg and not got anywhere. When I started I planned on focusing on being healthier and re-training my eating/lifestyle habits and then once I had that in a better place, then look at the weight. In the past month onthelifeplan I managed to lose 3 kg without even trying! I love the food — so easy to eat and enjoy, and alcohol has really lost its appeal. I don’t find I am hungry or even have that many sweet cravings, so it’s been so easy. All my friends can’t believe how great I look.
    Margie, 2013


    I am blown away!

    Embarking on your programme has been one of the most exciting things I have committed myself to do to bring back health and vitality to a chronically fatigued mind and body. I am totally amazed and blown away with all I have learnt from the kindest caring team at Exceptional Health. From the bottom of my heart I would FULLY recommend anyone and everyone to join the Exceptional Health ProgrammeYou too will have a new healthy mind and body and you will change your life forever!
    Antoinette, 2014

  • My GP has already reduced my blood pressure medication by half

    Your programme has worked wonders for me. Even though we were eating well, I have lost 15 kg in 3 months and my GP has already reduced my blood pressure medication by half. I feel much better and by staying on that diet. I am sure there will be some more weight to go and the medication to stop. Tracey’s recipes are easy and delicious and form the foundation for our way to a better life.
    Adrian, 2013


    I am back into regular exercise

    My overall health is much improved since being on thelifeplan. For me, the issue is my liver and recently had my regular liver function tests. They were better than they have ever been, better than when I first started regular testing 13 years ago. Also the pain in my side that was constant and liver-related is now very rare and nowhere near as bad. So I am really pleased. I am also back into regular exercise swimming 3x a week and more walking and feeling great about that. I have used a number of Tracey’s recipes or adapted them. It is great to receive them and have really enjoyed the ones I tried! 
    Karen, 2013


    Thanks Team

    I came down with a viral bug and thought I might try my luck and email the Exceptional Health Team to see what advice or health potions they could come up with. I was blown away!! Within 24hrs I had a personalised email back with 8 different bits of advice and remedies to put into action. Thanks team. A+++

    Beautiful Young Women in Coney Island at Sunset

  • I did it! I lowered my cholesterol!

    Did my readings again on Tuesday this week (three months later): my cholesterol has reduced from 6.6 to 4.8, my LDL from 4.2 to 2.7, and my HDL from 1.96 to 1.78. I am so pleased with this as my mum kept telling me I’d have to go on statins (same as the doctor immediately advised her to do years ago) and that it was genetic and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it! Yes! I did it! Clearly the ‘genetic expression’ Jason refers to is so true! You can tell I’m a little bit happy!
    Kathy, November 2014



    Whilst on holiday in New Zealand I read your book, My20 Golden Rules. As a result of following your principles I have lost a lot of weight and am now skinnier than I have ever been. I am more energetic and need less sleep, also digestive discomforts have gone away. I now regularly do huge amounts of walking, practice yoga and Tai Chi, and mentally I am non stop.
    Helen, 2015

    For the first time ever I feel in control of my relationship with food!

    My husband and I attended one of your seminars at the end of March. I was pulling funny faces at the thought of cutting out processed foods, alcohol and eating more fruit and veges! Wow, what a difference now! Since thelifeplan, my diet has had a complete overhaul. In February I weighed the heaviest I had ever been, was addicted to V drinks, coffee, sugar and takeaways. Nowadays I am caffeine-, dairy-, red meat-, gluten-, and processed food- and sugar-free! My husband and I have both lost 9 kg each so far and for the first time ever I feel in control of my relationship with food! Thank you so much for showing me a healthy way to live!
    Megan, 2014


Thanks for being you and changing lives, especially my childrens lives

Much love and appreciation, thanks for changing my kids lives who have been brought up with healthy foods because of what you taught me, my son had a tantrum this morning because I didn’t have any salad greens for him to eat the 🐌 ate the ones in the garden, and the organic pack was off that I brought yesterday the end of the world! but was appeased  by some cucumber I was throwing into a smoothie. People are shocked at what they eat and they now choose it above junk as my family have given them unhealthy foods, infact my 4 year old even knows it makes him angry and will say something like ” I’m angry because grandpa gave me biscuits” I’m so proud to say my kids are never allowed fizzy drinks, or lollies, they will do lollie scrambles and give the lollies back it doesn’t bother them, and the will happily tell other kids how unhealthy they are, that they are bad for your teeth and they make you hyperactive.

This gives me hope and makes me feel excited again about my future

I love the focus on health and longevity, whilst my focus may have been weight loss when I started, thelifeplan focus is on the bigger picture, on living a long and healthy, disease free life, which being at a healthy weight is only part of. The personalised feedback version of the ‘keep, stop, start’ monthly reviews are incredible. They assess what you have eaten for the month and then tell you what you’ve been doing well (what to keep doing) and then what you focus on for the next month (what to stop doing and what to start doing). It’s a very powerful way to keep progressing towards your goals. The sheer volume of information  the blogs, articles, recipes, online seminars  makes you feel safe and part of something bigger: a health revolution.

The food  what’s left when you take meat, dairy, gluten and all processed food out of your diet? This was a huge concern for me  I didn’t want to become that person who never gets invited over for dinner because no-one knows what to cook for them. But there is something for everyone with Tracey’s recipes. At first it’s a little daunting and some of the ingredients are a little foreign. Then it becomes exciting as you try some of the recipes and the new foods and not only like them, but start to prefer them to what you used to eat before! There is heaps of flavour, they are healthy and nutritious, but they also make you feel good in a way that you’ve never felt before  try going back to your old way of eating for a few days and you’ll see what I mean!

There is always something to eat  and if there’s not, just don’t eat! All the diets and eating plans I’ve encountered before have pushed eating five to six times a day, never going more than three hours without food for fear your already sluggish metabolism will grind to a halt. It’s been liberating to get off the food treadmill; to feel hungry again and to be actively encouraged to eat less and sometimes to eat nothing at all! Fasting – who would have thought that not eating for a whole day would feel like a vacation for the body? Having fasted one random day a week for nine months now, it’s not a day I dread anymore – it only took about three fasts to sort that out. This is something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. I love the green smoothies and I also feel a meal is not complete without a bed of greens or some wilted spinach on the side.

I truly do feel that there is a full team behind me – a personal coach, mentor, cheerleader, nutritionist and sounding board. The transformation is so subtle you can barely even notice the massive changes you are making, then a few months down the track you realise that even though you didn’t mean to and you would never want to label yourself, you are now a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy or gluten, drink alcohol or coffee  how did that happen? And why are you okay and actually really happy about this? You only joined the programme to lose weight and now all of a sudden you are staring down the barrel of a long and healthy life and you start thinking differently about the future.

As an overweight, over 40, divorced mother of two children I had been feeling a little past my ‘use by’ date. Now I feel so much better physically and mentally, and also confident that I have another 50 to 60 years of my life left, free of disease and illness, as long as I continue to look after myself. I’m not even halfway yet, and this gives me hope and makes me feel excited again about my future … I certainly wasn’t expecting that!

Donna, 2014