Seminar Testimonials

Jason’s educational and entertaining seminars provide that ultimate inspiration to change old habits, attain life goals and gain optimum health and wellbeing.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when you are juggling a busy lifestyle with family, friends, work and community to boot. With laughter and learning Jason will educate your community to reconnect with the spark within and discover optimum health and wellbeing.

  • All we literally had to do was sell some tickets, spread the word about the event to our networks and the rest was taken care of.

    Jason’s presentation to the school community was nothing short of brilliant. He gave up his valuable time to speak as a fundraiser for our school. It was great, everything was handled and carried out professionally with total ease and support from getting the flyers done, having the tickets printed, as well as suggesting ideas to raise additional funds on top of the seminar ticket sales – we ran with running a Wholefoods Café and we even had recipes provided! All we literally had to do was sell some tickets, spread the word about the event to our networks and the rest was taken care of. As a result, significant funds were raised for our school resources. Jason spoke for over two hours full of knowledge, laughs, and is so passionate about our health and wellbeing – what a brilliant guy! Jason walks the talk and epitomizes what health and well-being can look like.

    Desmond Pemerika, Deputy Principal, Michael Park School, September, 2015

  • We had a sell out event with standing room only.

    We held a public seminar with Jason Shon Bennett as our keynote speaker relating to personal health and wellbeing. We had a sell out event with standing room only. Jason not only wooed the audience with his sense of humour but also more importantly portrayed his vast knowledge of the various food types and the benefits of eating healthy. Jason is a true professional. Not only did we benefit as a company but the towns folk went away with a new understanding of what comes from healthy eating. We look forward to our next seminar where Jason can instill his knowledge to the benefit of those fortunate enough to attend.
    Linda Green, Managing Director, Health 2000 Wanganui, May 2012

  • Jason’s seminars are so inspiring we can’t wait to get him back.

    Along with the public we had a lot of staff attend on the night and the next morning the office was buzzing with “the right eating” attitude – great to see! Jason and Tracey made hosting this event simple and easy, letting us and the attendees focus on the message. It was a real pleasure. Thanks!
    Ann Giles, Managing Director Annies Marlborough, March 2012


    Raw Food Revolution- HLP_60

    You are perhaps the best speaker and ‘imparter’ of wisdom on healthy living that I have ever heard – and I’m not alone in my sentiments. I’m sure you are destined for international superstardom. And you are the type of hero the planet needs right now!
    Dona White, CEO, North Port Events, Auckland City, December 2012

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    Our students, staff and parents all enjoyed learning and having some context around the understanding on what makes us healthy. Jason’s messages on eating well and staying well were clear and made perfect sense. When I asked my students what they learnt, they were able to pinpoint three great messages Jason had shared with our group. I’m keen to get Jason back again next year. Jason’s expertise and passion for his subject shines through.”
    Andrew Osmond – St George’s School Principal, November 2016

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    He is an absolute must on any health forum

    I attended the 2012 NZ Cancer Congress Conference in Auckland last year. There were around ten speakers, however only two made me sit up and take notice & Jason Shon Bennett was one of them. Dynamic, inspirational, walking his talk, he is a living testament to the old adage that you are what you eat. Jason’s enthusiasm for life and how simply health can be achieved by eating well was wonderful. I did the math and was bowled over by the fact that he looks 20 but is in fact well into his forties, & all achieved by eating healthily! He is an absolute must on any health forum.

    Lizzie, NZ Cancer Congress Conference, Auckland City, November 2012

    The seminar was amazing!!

    Everyone loved it and the feedback was very positive. We raised a good amount for ‘Youth Diabetes’ so really worthwhile. Thank Jason very much, he is inspirational, educational, and funny. If nothing else, he would have made everyone there, take a long hard look at themselves. I know I learnt a lot. It was one of the best, if not the best, seminar we have ever had!! Loved it!!
    Rose, Les Mills, New Lynn, August 2013

    Love Your Liver Tour – Feedback from 2017 event attendees:

    • “Inspiring, energetic and passionate speaker”
    • “Engaging, fun, lively – a consistent dynamo”
    • “Jason is like a breath of fresh air – wonderful!”
    • “Best speaker by far. Freakin’ Fabulous. Fantastic! Essential! Achievable! Amazing!”
    • “The picture of health, so funny he kept my attention for 2.5 hours!”
    • “Credible health guru – amazing, knowledgeable and engaging”
    • “Positive, influential, intelligent, well learnt/studied, so inspired!”
    • “Motivating, fantastic, high value information”
    • “Charismatic, passionate, fabulous, honest”
    • “Non-judgemental fun, informative and inspirational”
    • “Awesome presenter, friendly and approachable”
    • “It has given me hope that there is a way to rise above all the medical issues I am currently facing…”
    • “The truth at last!”
    • “Youthful, hardworking, motivational, happy, hyper energiser bunny!”
    • “The effect that eating meat, sugar, processed food and alcohol has on your life”
    • “Hope-giving, a living example, a wealth of knowledge”
    • “How simple it is to change your future with a few simple things”
    • “An awesome seminar, I’ve learnt so much and will be making big changes especially when it comes to alcohol”
    • “Love the facts and stats, really educational and easy to follow, thank you I am inspired. I’m looking forward to taking my health to the next level. Loved your enthusiasm! A rarity in Kiwis”
    • “Entertaining, exceptional, excellent presenter”
    • “Loads of interesting info, I LOVE this stuff!”
    • “Great speaker, down to earth, vibrant, enthusiastically awesome!”
    • “Great seminar – really enjoyable”
    • “The whole seminar was EXCEPTIONAL!”
    • “Good tips on eating and lifestyle choices”
    • “Very informative, presented expertly with a sense of humour”
    • “This seminar inspired and empowered me, I am going to change”
    • “You have given me the confidence to change my own life”
    • “It can be easy to be healthy!”
    • “Change is doable – great practical advice”
    • “It’s not what you ‘don’t’ do, it’s what you ‘do’ do that matters…”
    • “Very funny, great to have this info presented in an accessible, friendly, humorous style”
    • “An awesome presentation, my first one, definitely not my last”
    • “Confirmation that I am on the right track”
    • “The importance of diet – too many great things to mention…”
    • “I cannot eat myself sick and drug myself well – I have to eat myself well!”
    • “We can control 97% of our health issues”
    • “This event has changed our lives; thank you, I wish everyone I know would listen to you!”